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Presented at the opening panel for the “G20 Interfaith Summit: #Religion, Harmony & Sustainable Development” in #Istanbul, parallel to the #G20 in Antalya. My panel was on “Equality, Inclusiveness, and Non-discrimination.”

With the presentation and subsequent interrogative Q&A session, one thing is clear- my topic, one I honestly believed to be far from unique, revealed how ignorant people are of alternate views. My topic on the consequences of the appropriation of #Muslim women’s rights movements by the broader western #colonial #feminist movement stirred quite the debate. The notion that Muslim #women should be able to establish a women’s rights movement separate and unique from western feminism and it’s historical roots in imperial expansion and the victimization of brown women is apparently offensive….I really have no words left after I defended this right for Muslim women from scholars, journalists, and apparent religious and world leaders for more than an hour. #History and apparently critical thinking are dying spheres of #education internationally.

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