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As I wish you all a blessed eid, I ask in return one enormous favor.

I ask you to open your hands and lift them in the air to make a dua to the Most Merciful for the most important woman in my life. She is my everything and she has given me her everything. She taught me everything worth learning in this life and continues to give me her love and duas even as she lies in her hospital bed unable to open her eyes and breathe on her own.

A #mother ‘s #love is truly selfless and unmatched in this world and while I ask you to pray for my mother today, I urge you to remember to hug and love your own mother everyday as if it were the last day you could.

Today I sit at her side in the hospital wishing I could take back every unintentional wrong I did or could have done to her and wishing that I spent more time with her but God knows best.

All I can do now is #pray and ask you to pray that all my mother’s pain and suffering has been a means of purification for her and that when the time comes and He calls her back to Him, that He allows her straight passage to the highest of heavens. And iA one day we will meet again, healthy and whole.

Ameen ya rab-ul-alameen.

May Allah guide us all, make our difficulties ehsaan and bless us with the purest of #iman.

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