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Quran 61:13 Calligraphy

نَصْرٌ مِنَ اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ
[Besides forgiveness, you will receive other favors which you will love:] Support from God [in this world], and a victory soon to come. (Quran 61:13)

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Beautiful/Decay has partnered with premiere website building platform Made With Color to bring you exclusive artist features. Each week we join forces to bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers who use Made With Color to create their clean and sleek websites. Made With Color helps artists create gorgeous websites without having to touch a line of code. This week we’re happy to bring you the work and website of Los Angeles painter Liz Carney. Her paintings are lathered in frosting-like abstraction that will make you hungry for cake and art alike.

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