People say a picture is worth a thousand words, Well I believe that its worth more than that.​

While art has always been our portal into the past, it also has the power to take the world which we live in and create symbols that promote change or reflect what is happening now.​​

Art with conviction has the ability to change the course of history, but more importantly change the way you think of yourself.​​​

​My name is Sarosh Arif and I am an artist.​
I am an artist who tells my story through calligraphy. And my art is aimed to educate, inspire, and prompt you into action.

Hello world!

Finally joining the blogging bandwagon. Blogging as the artist behind Arneeq, I will give you more insight on my work, inspiration, and tips for you to get involved. For any of you budding artists out there, stay tuned for advice and suggestions on how to get started. Use art, in whatever form: painting, calligraphy, music, design, poetry, writing, or acting, as a way to express yourself.

Tell your story, share your passion, and make a difference.